One of the many declarations I’ve made in the office is that there are no print marketing collateral pieces approved unless they serve a dual purpose. Want to create a postcard for a Knitting Author’s book signing? Make sure there’s a stitch gauge printed on it or there’s a short pattern. Want to send a novelist off with something to handout? Perhaps a guide to characters printed on a bookmark or a printed clue that unlocks a backstory online…

gap mta card

Image courtesy NYTimes

GAP’s marketing staff has gotten this memo (not by me of course, though I’m wearing their boot cuts now) with their complete brand takeover of the MTA’s MetroCard. There’s no MTA logo, no ‘see something, say something’ tagline. It’s all GAP — with a twist:

“Its front is sea blue and reads “Be Bright NYC.” Its back is yellow and advertises a 20 percent store discount. And about the only thing recognizable is the black magnetic stripe.”

As the NY Times article points out, your brand new, brand-infused, brand happy GAP MetroCard (GAPtro Card?) also gets you a 20% discount.

Too bad you can’t apply the MTA’s secret fees towards your new slim fit cords…