One of my students brought this quote to the class last semester and I found myself slack-jawed at the comparison to Apple and Mr. Thomas Alva Edison.  So I took it upon myself to [insert the comparisons in line].  You can read the original quote here, which originally was used to introduce his new invention: the Phonograph.  No matter how far we’ve progressed in technology, we always should reflect back in history…seems like Steve Jobs did.

I am the IPhone, created by the great wizard of the New World to delight those who would have melody or be amused. I can sing you tender songs of love [Spotify]. I can give you merry tales [iBooksand joyous laughter [Hulu]. I can transport you to the realms of music [iTunes]. I can cause you to join in the rhythmic dance [Dance Dance Revolution]. I can lull the babe to sweet repose, or waken in the aged heart soft memories of youthful days.

No matter what may be your mood, I am always ready to entertain you. When your day’s work is done, I can bring the theater or the opera to your home [Netflix]. I can give you grand opera, comic opera or vaudeville. I can give you sacred or popular music, dance, orchestra or instrumental music. I can render solos, duets, trios, quartets [Garage Band]. I can aid in entertaining your guests [Epicurious]. When your wife is worried after the cares of the day, and the children are boisterous, I can rest the one [Sesame Street] and quiet the other [Nighty Night eBook]. I never get tired and you will never tire of me, for I always have something new to offer [App Store].

I give pleasure to all, young and old. I will go wherever you want me, in the parlor, in the sickroom [WebMD], on the porch, in the camp or to your summer home. If you sing or talk to me, I will retain your songs or words, and repeat them to you at your pleasure [Shazam]. I can enable you to always hear the voices of your loved ones, even though they are far away [FaceTime]. I talk in every language. I can help you to learn other languages [Everything Learning French]. I am made with the highest degree of mechanical skill. My voice is the clearest, smoothest and most natural of any talking machine [Siri].

— Thomas Alva Edison