sterling_twitter The publishing industry discovered Twitter to be an effective way of accessing fans of their books and authors.  @SterlingBooks took a different approach, by positioning the feed as a resource for authors, bibliophiles, bloggers, fellow publishers, sales reps, and the average reader.  With a genuine voice, friendly conversation, book giveaways, and NO SPAM, @SterlingBooks quickly became the #1 US Publisher on Twitter.

LarkYouTubeLark Photography is the authority, when it comes to Digital Photography instruction.  Their camera-specific manuals, Magic Lantern Guides, are wildly popular with not only novice camera owners, but expert photographers as well.  Lark Photo’s YouTube channel was created to reach out to photo buffs, giving them 2-3 minute tutorials on everything from setting white balance to choosing a camera lens.  Soon after launch, the videos reached 500,000+ video views and continues to grow.

KZTwitterKevin Zraly celebrates his 25th anniversary of his Windows On the World Wine Course in 2010 and what better way to reconnect with his fans than through Twitter.  Kevin worked with Kate Rados’s Digital Markets team to recreate his approachable style and teach his fans the ins and outs of wine.

happyhrtwitterTo promote the HappyHour iPhone app, we created multiple accounts to reach a wide audience.  On Facebook, both the app and the fan page were promoted by targeted ads, with takeaway content.  In addition, the Twitter feed featured a steady stream of free drink recipes.